Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Compiling kernel 2.4 on 2.6

Not sure if its even possible to compile a 2.4 kernel on a 2.6 machine , but i still gave it a try on a my fedora 7 box. I tried to build a 2.4 kernel for ARCH=um but it failed almost all the time no matter how many different kernels and corresponding uml-patches i picked up.

My sole aim while doing all this was to check some specific functionalities 2.4 kernel offered , so i had no other choice but to setup a linux box with a native 2.4.x . Now all this boils down to finding an OS that still offered a 2.4 kernel & after a lot of searching online i picked up CentOS 3 which comes with 2.4.21.

CentOS came with its own set of problems and the worst being the apm or the advanced power management. Now i had newer problems to face , my new CentOS box will come to a standby/suspend mode after a definate period of inactivity. I tried uninstalling apmd , turned it off with chkconfig , disabled in the bios , even passed the apm=off to the boot loader , still nothing has changed.

Now I'm stuck with problems ive never thought of dealing with .

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