Saturday, May 05, 2007

Finally trying to learn Guitar

It took me such a long time to get started with guitar, i wish i did it when i was in highschool or university maybe. I hope its not too late now.

I go for guitar sessions twice a week. Its been like two months now since i started , i must say its not too hard to learn but again its not like learning some new programming language or reading a book. It really needs your quality time and attention on daily basis.

If you love music, there's no greater feeling than being able to make your own music, play your own songs . Just sitting in front of TV watching & listening songs like a passive observer doesnt even come closer to pleasure of actively playing it. Once you learn it , you'll be able to appreciate the music you experience in a lot better way , at least now i have a greater sense of respect for people who make music , its not easy at all .

Playing guitar is all about how nicely you can change the chords , its an art that you will only learn with time; there are no short cuts. But then its something that will remain a part of you forever , its worth all that hardwork . Right body posture and holding the notes correctly will always help you learn things quicky.

Well so far ive learned a few songs , and some chords like A, E, D . I hope i get past this A7 chord soon , been practising for a week and im not getting any better.

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